Endodontics at Christian Dental Care

Serving Endodontic Patients in Temple Hills, Maryland

Receiving endodontic treatment at Christian Dental Care is a simple and straightforward procedure that will relieve dental pain and save your teeth. During root canal treatment, Dr. Pilgrim will carefully remove the pulp inside of a tooth, clean, disinfect, and shape the root canal, and then place a filling to seal the space. It’s a simple procedure that will relieve tooth pain caused by infection. Here at Christian Dental Care, we look forward to serving endodontic patients from Temple Hills, Marlow Heights, and Camp Springs, Maryland, as well as the surrounding area. For more information about endodontic treatment, click here.

What Are the Symptoms of an Infected Tooth?

When the root of a tooth becomes badly infected, it causes extreme pain. You’ll notice the pain when you bite down or chew. You may also have a painful sensation when you drink hot or cold liquids, which can linger for a time. Some patients in need of endodontic treatment have small pimple-like bumps on their gums when they come in for their consultation. These are all common signs of a tooth with an infected root.

What Endodontic Procedures Does Dr. Pilgrim Provide?

Dr. Pilgrim has been trained and is proficient in addressing many root canal treatments such as:

How Can Christian Dental Care Help?

If you are near Temple Hills, Maryland and would like a consultation to find out if endodontic treatment will help, please give us a call at (301) 702-2700 or send us a quick email. We love serving our community and would be honored to serve you.